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Notice Requesting for Repeat Order

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Notice Requesting for Repeat Order Empty Notice Requesting for Repeat Order

Post by joyie on Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:53 pm

Good day to all!

I just need some clarifications about the methodology on how procurement through Repeat Order is being done as indicated in the Generic Procurement Manual specifically on this:

2. For information purposes, the BAC, through the BAC Secretariat shall post the notice requesting for Repeat Order of additional units or goods previously procured in the:
       a. The Philgeps
b. The website of the procuring entity and its electronic procurement service provider, if any, and
       c. Any conspicuous place in the premises of the Procuring entity.

Is the NOTICE being mentioned here is the same as the AWARD NOTICE that is to be posted when resorting to Repeat Order in the Philgeps or are they of different meaning?

I asked this because if resorting to Repeat Order, the procuring entity can just select in Philgeps the previous award notice of a particular items/goods and simply click the repeat order button to post the award for the repeat order of items/goods. I'm just confused lang po Question...

Many thanks in advance for your comments.
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Notice Requesting for Repeat Order Empty Re: Notice Requesting for Repeat Order

Post by regina avelino on Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:24 pm

The notice being referred to is the NOTICE OF AWARD which must be posted in the philgeps website, website of the procuring entity and at any conspicuous places.  Repeat order is an alternative mode of procurement. you may read section 54.2 and section 54.3

regina avelino
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