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[b]PhilG-EPS Conducts Focus Group Discussion[/b]

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[b]PhilG-EPS Conducts Focus Group Discussion[/b]

Post by jcolas on Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:33 pm

PhilGEPS conducts Focus Group Discussions
In the four FGDs conducted, it was a common concern of most suppliers that bid information posted by procuring entities should be complete such that they should be able to see in the PhilGEPS the complete specifications, bid requirements, supplemental bid notices and the awards made as provided for by the procurement law. Some reported that there are also agencies which do not properly categorize the item/s subject of procurement. Consequently, these opportunities are concealed from prospective suppliers with matching lines of business and only favored or pre-determined suppliers are able to participate. All groups agreed that there should be monitoring of compliance by all procuring entities as to proper and complete posting of opportunities and awards. PhilGEPS management assured the group that the quality of information and compliance by government procuring entities on the appropriate use of PhilGEPS is being addressed. COA Auditors are now being trained on the audit of procurement and in their Audit Guide/Manual, they are made aware that government procuring entities should be properly uploading material project information on bidding projects and observing timelines for procurement activities

These are observations from the bidders/suppliers group and it is worth remembering in our future postings to the PhilG-EPS web site.
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