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Post by adroth on Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:08 am

Does anyone here know how the Philippine Investment & Trading Corp (PITC) decide what goods are used in countertrade deals?

Do these have to go through some sort of competitive bidding as well?

In 1989 and 1993, the PITC facilitated the acquisition of SIAI Marchetti S211 jet trainers through counter-trade. Note the items that were used to pay for these planes

The following items were traded for the S211s:

1993 batch

* Marine Products ( tako-yaki, canned baby clams, frozen boiled scallops, squid)
* Low Color Coconut Oil
* Carageenan
* Rehabilitation of New Leyte Edible Oil Manufacturing Co.
* Investment in Kinshi Phil. Corp.
* Investment in Phil. Strategic Investment Holdings

1989 batch

* Crude Coconut Oil
* Garments/Fabric (this is probably the underwear deal that was reported)
* Copra Cake
* Copra Solvent
* Copra Expeller Cake
* Copra Solvent Extraction
* Various Porcelain
* Black Tiger Prawns
* Activated Coco Carbon
* Various Handicraft

Past countertrade deals:
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