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Question of Rules

Post by engrjhez® on Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:54 pm

One of our colleague asked:
in our office the engineers in-charge of philgeps and bac secretariat went on
leave at the same, i needed to purchase a computer that would be used by an
architect from dpwh who would be designing for our project, please may i query
on the following :
1) if we post our request for quotation sa philgeps, sa website ng office, or in
our bulltein for the purpose, can a supplier na hindi philgeps registered submit
2) can we award to that unregistered supplier if di sya registered kasi sya ang
lowest bid?

naoverwhelm na ako and i am no longer updated with rules.. please advise.

Before I answer the two questions, we have to emphasize that any procurement to be undertaken shall be in accordance with the approve Annual Procurement Plan of the Agency. The ABC and the Method of Procurement shall be determined and recommended by the BAC.

Answer for #1: I would presume you used Alternative Method of Procurement since you mentioned the word "quotation". If that is the case, the law is silent on requiring PhilGEPS registration (in our Agency, we still require that even on AMP ie. Shopping, Negotiated Proc. etc.). Following the basic principles of transparency, it must be mandatory. However, since some alternatve modes with ABC P50,000 and below are not anymore required to be posted on the PhilGEPS, my understanding is that whenever posting to the PhilGEPS is required and mandatory, its applicability follows. But there is no "hard and fast rule" on this. If it is done using Public Bidding, a bidder may still submit their bid because PhilGEPS registration shall only be required if the bidder is the LCB (and to be post qualified).

Answer for #2: Now you mentioned "lowest bid". Again, the answer lies on the mode of procurement you used. If that's alternative, the law does not distinguish. If that is Public Bidding, award shall only be made after the submission of ... PhilGEPS Registration prescribed.

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