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Post by Admin on Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:39 am

In view of the active participation of forum members, we think it is now necessary to establish a ranking system for this forum's users.

This ranking system will based solely on the number of posts and will not, in any way, consider the substance of each post. This will show which of the users have actively participated in the discussions and helped other members with their concerns, and somehow commend them for doing so.

Following is the ranking system, along with the required number of posts to attain each rank:

New Member = 0 to 50 posts
Active Poster = 51 to 150 posts
Valued Contributor = 151 to 300 posts
Board Veteran = 301 to 500 posts
Board General = 501 to 800 posts
Elite Poster = 801 to 1,500 posts

Another set of ranking will be determined once a user has reached more than 1,500 posts, and this we anticipate dearly.


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