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Certificate of Completion and Cerificate of Acceptance for Infrastructure

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Certificate of Completion and Cerificate of Acceptance for Infrastructure

Post by riddler on Tue Dec 22, 2009 2:10 pm

I always have a lenghty discussion with our Accountant and COA on the proper attachment for final payment, is it a Cerificate of Completion and Certificate of Acceptance?

Normally, these agencies would require a Certificate of Acceptance from the end-user (Barangay) before a final payment for 100% work accomplishment be disbursed. Dahil Certificate of Completion lang ako pumipirma at kesyo ayaw ko daw pumirma sa Cert. Acceptance. Cool

My contention is that a Certificate of Acceptance shall only be given by the Procuring Entity after the lapse of the Defects Liability Period of one (1) year while, Certificate of Completion shall only be released to the Contractor upon 100% completion as a one of the requirement for final billing . tama ba ako? Very Happy

While some Barangay Captains approved the Certificate of Acceptance, I think it should not be allowed because the project has not been offically "turn-over" to their Barangay yet, it still remains the property ofthe LGU who funded the project which is also authorized to issue such Acceptance Certificate. ano po sa opinyon nyo? Very Happy
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