Procurement of Rescue Vehicle charged under 5% drrm fund

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Procurement of Rescue Vehicle charged under 5% drrm fund Empty Procurement of Rescue Vehicle charged under 5% drrm fund

Post by balongcdrrm24 on Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:25 am

Any comments on our plans in the LGU regarding the our plans for the purchase of 4 wheeled rescue vehicle. Can you give or cite some Memo or IRR or any legal basis which prohibits the utilization of 5% drrm fund for the procurement of pick-up rescue vehicle, because sometime in 2016 our budget office did not allow us to propose rescue vehicle, especially 4 wheeled rescue vehicle to be charged under drrm fund. But as i searched for the guidelines on JMC 2013-1 of DILG,DBM,NDRRMC there is no specified items or provisions that states the prohibition on the procurement of rescue vehicle. moreover, under Memo circular of DILG 2014-155, guidelines on motor vehicle acquisitions by LGU, it was clearly stated under item that govt funds shall be utilized for the purchase of motor vehicles for emergency purposes or calamity-related activities; and under 2.1.3 LDRRMF can be used to procure motorvehicle exclusively for rescue and response activities. we are planning to purchase a 4x4 pick-up set-up as all terrain vehicle and to be installed with accessories for emergency rescue operations. this motor vehicle is designed specifically on Water search and rescue and Mountain search and rescue operations.. Comments and recommendations are very much appreciated,.

Is this an allowable procurement of the the LGU or our Office? Thank you..

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