Conduct of Post Qualification

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Conduct of Post Qualification

Post by Omega123 on Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:09 am

Good day!

My inquiry is How to conduct post qualification?

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Re: Conduct of Post Qualification

Post by ford15 on Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:45 pm

According to the New 2016 Revised IRR of RA 9184 and I quote as follows:

Section 34. Objective and Process of Post-Qualification
34.1. The Lowest Calculated Bid/Highest Rated Bid shall undergo post-qualification in order
to determine whether the bidder concerned complies with and is responsive to all the
requirements and conditions as specified in the Bidding Documents.
34.2. Within five (5) calendar days from receipt by the bidder of thenotice from the BAC
that the bidder has the Lowest Calculated Bid or Highest Rated Bid, the bidder shall
submit to the BAC its latest income and business tax returns, and other appropriate
licenses and permits required by law and stated in the Bidding Documents.
Failure to submit any of the post-qualification requirements ontime, or a finding
against the veracity thereof, shall disqualify the bidder for award: Provided, That in
the event that a finding against the veracity of any of the documents submitted is
made, it shall cause the forfeiture of the Bid Security in accordance with Section 69
of this IRR.(a)
34.3. The post-qualification shall verify, validate, and ascertain all statements made and
documents submitted by the bidder with the Lowest Calculated Bid/Highest Rated
Bid, using non-discretionary criteria, as stated in the Bidding Documents. These
criteria shall consider, but shall not be limitedto, the following:
a) Legal Requirements. To verify, validate, and ascertain licenses, certificates,
permits, and agreements submitted by the bidder, and the fact that it is not
included in any “blacklist” as provided in Section 25.3 of thisIRR. For this
purpose, the GPPB shall maintain a consolidated file of all “blacklisted”
suppliers, contractors, and consultants.
b) Technical Requirements. To determine compliance of the goods, infrastructure
projects, or consulting services offered with the requirements specified in the
Bidding Documents, including, where applicable:
i) Verification and validation of the bidder’s stated competence and
experience, and the competence and experience of the bidder’s key
personnel to be assigned to the project, for the procurement of
Infrastructure Projects and Consulting Services;
ii) Verification of availability and commitment, and/or inspection and testing
for the required capacities and operating conditions, of equipment units to
be owned/leased/under purchase by the bidder for use in the contract
under bidding, as well as checking the performance of the bidder in its
ongoing government and private contracts, if any of these ongoing
contracts shows:
a. Negative slippage of at least fifteen percent (15%) in any one
project or a negative slippage of at least ten percent (10%) ineach
of two (2) or more contracts;
b. Failure of the contractor to commence repair works on ongoing
contracts within seven (7) calendar days and to complete them
within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of the ProcuringEntity's
notice of defects and deficiencies;
c. Failure of the contractor to commence repair works on contracts
with pending certificates of acceptance within thirty (30) calendar
days and complete them within ninety (90) days after receipt ofthe
Procuring Entity's notice ofdefects and failures; or
d. Substandard quality of work as per contract plans and specifications,
or unsatisfactory performance of the contractor’s obligations as per
contract terms and conditions, at the time of inspection.
If the BAC verifies any of these deficiencies to be due to the contractor’s
fault or negligence, the agency shall disqualify the contractorfrom the
award, for the procurement of Infrastructure Projects.
iii) Verification and/or inspection and testing of the goods/product, aftersales and/or maintenance capabilities, in applicable cases, as well as
checking the following:
a. Delay in the partial delivery of goods amounting to ten percent
(10%) of the contract price in its ongoing government and private
b. If any of these contracts shows the bidder’s failure to deliveror
perform any or all of the goods or services within the period(s)
specified in the contract or within any extension thereof granted by
the Procuring Entity pursuant to a request made by the supplier
prior to the delay, and such failure amounts to at least ten percent
(10%) of the contract price; or
c. Unsatisfactory performance of the supplier’s obligations as per
contract terms and conditions at the time of inspection.
If the BAC verifies any of these deficiencies to be due to the bidder's fault
or negligence, the BAC shall disqualify the bidder from the award, for the
procurement of Goods.
iv) Ascertainment of the authenticity of the bid security and its correctness as
to type, amount, form and wording, and validity period, as required in the
Bidding Documents.
c) Financial Requirements. To verify, validate and ascertain the bid price proposal
of the bidder and, whenever applicable, the required committed Line of Credit
in the amount specified and over the period stipulated in the Bidding
Documents, or the bidder’s NFCC to ensure that the bidder can sustain the
operating cash flow of the transaction."
------End of the quote!-------
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