Tailor-fit procurement?? Please help...

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Tailor-fit procurement?? Please help... Empty Tailor-fit procurement?? Please help...

Post by angelo on Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:55 am

Our case: Procurement of Reference books
(Only) Supplier A, one of the local supplier was asked to submit their list of reference books. This was used as basis for evaluation of faculty (end users) and they were asked to submit recommendation form stating their justification and list of preferred reference books. From the recommendation, they came up with the list of reference books to be purchased. Some of this books was listed in our APP and some are NOT. Our procurement officer posted this in Philgeps as Small Value Procurement - Request for Quotation. Supplier B & C were asked to submit their Quotation. Out of the 120 Items to be procured, only Supplier A has completed the quotation form, Supplier B & C barely has 10 items.. thus disqualified due to Incomplete Bid. Does this constitute Tailor Fitting of Procurement? What are my option or remedy to correct the Actions taken? What are my options that is within RA 9184 to protect the government funds? Thanks in advance.

In my opinion, they should have conducted market review for various titles and not focusing on one (Supplier A) in order to have different option and and competitiveness for in both quality and price.
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