Procedural Requirements & Guidelines in Resorting to Lease of Venue

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Procedural Requirements & Guidelines in Resorting to Lease of Venue Empty Procedural Requirements & Guidelines in Resorting to Lease of Venue

Post by Mark Lopez on Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:11 am


5.1. The end user unit shall conduct a Cost-Benefit Analysis to assess the feasibility of leasing a privately-owned real estate or venue as against
purchasing or leasing from a government-owned real estate or venue.

5.2. The recommendation of the end user unit to lease a privately-owned real estate or venue shall also indicate the proposed location/s, the
justifications therefor, and the result of the market analysis of the Implementing Guidelines for Lease of Privately-Owned Real Estate and Venue prevailing rates of lease contracts within the vicinity of the selected location/s.

5.3. The Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) shall be set using the mid point of the range obtained from the results of the market analysis on the prevailing lease rates for real estates or venue within the vicinity of the selected location complying with the criteria and technical specifications of the end user unit. In no case shall the rental rates, including additional expenses, such as association dues in the case of lease of real estate, exceed the ABC.

5.4. The Annual Procurement Plan of the procuring entity shall reflect the proposed lease of real estate or venue specifying the approved mode of procurement, the ABC, and the general description of the lease.

5.5. Selection of the Lessor following the procedures prescribed in Items 6 and 7 of these Guidelines may be delegated to the appropriate bureau,
committee, or support unit duly authorized by the Bids and Awards Committee.

5.6. Eligibility documents need not be submitted by prospective Lessors. The procuring entity must nevertheless validate whether the Lessor to
be awarded the contract is technically, legally and financially capable through other means.

5.7. All lease contracts with ABCs costing more than Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 50,000.00) shall be posted in the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System.


7.1. Technical specifications shall be prepared taking into consideration the rating factors under Appendix C of these Guidelines.

7.2. Once technical specifications have been finalized, at least three (3) price quotations shall be obtained within the vicinity of the selected location.

7.3. The venue being offered by the Lessor with the LCB shall then be rated in accordance with the technical specifications prepared pursuant to Appendix C. Compliance rating with technical specifications may be conducted through ocular inspection, interviews, or other forms of due diligence.

7.4. If the LCB is determined to be responsive, said bid shall be declared as the LCRB. If not, then the second LCB shall be evaluated and its responsiveness determined pursuant to Item 7.3 of these Guidelines. This procedure shall be repeated for the next LCB until the LCRB is
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