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Post by sespazfour on Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:42 am



Request for Quotation


Quotation No.

To all Eligible Suppliers:

Please quote your lowest price inclusive of VAT on the item/s listed below, subject to the Terms and Conditions of this RFQ, and submit your quotation duly signed by your representative not later than October 15,2014 at Sucat Elementary School Annex Zone4 (SESA4), Sitio Pagkakaisa Sucat Muntinlupa City. For more information please call Sucat Elementary School Annex Zone4 (SESA4) at Telephone No.: (02) 838-04-62
I. Prospective supplier shall be responsible to verify the quoted items from above-stated School and Telephone No. (02) 830-04-62.

           LORENA E. ESTIGOY
                  BAC Chairperson

Lot No. ITEMS & DESCRIPTION QTY Packaging Statement of Compliance (State “Comply” or “Not Comply”) UNIT PRICE

1 Supply and Delivery of food stuff requirements for the School-Based
Feeding Program for SY 2016-2017 of Sucat Elementary School Annex Zone 4

Vegetables & other food items
Budget : Php ________________
(see attached Annex A for Items in this lot)

See Annex A - C

Packed by qty.
as required (see Schedule of Requirements)
2 Grocery Items
Budget : Php ________________
(see attached Annex B for Items in this lot)
3 Fish, Meat and Poultry
Budget : Php ________________
(see attached Annex C for Items in this lot)
Delivery:  Weekly

This is to submit our price quotations as indicated above subject to the terms and conditions of this RFQ.

II. Terms and Conditions

A. Submission of Requirements

1. Sealed quotations and other requirements stated below shall be submitted to the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) at   Sucat Elementary School Annex Zone 4(SESA4), Sitio Pagkakaisa Sucat Muntinlupa City
2. Supplier shall submit the following requirements:

a. Duly signed Request for Quotation. Prices shall be quoted in Philippine Peso. Statement of Compliance must be accomplished by supplier.

3. For submission prior to Award

a. 1) Valid Mayor’s Permit, 2) Tax Clearance Certificate, & 3) PhilGEPS Registration Certificate.
     Bidder’s failure to submit such documents within three (3) calendar days from receipt by the bidder of   notice shall be ground for disqualification.

B. Award

The supplier who submitted the lowest calculated responsive quotation shall be awarded the Purchase Order after evaluation by the BAC.

C. Delivery

1. Delivery of Goods shall be made within 7 calendar days from date of receipt of Purchase Order. To ensure the quality of vegetables, fish, poultry, meat products and other perishables, delivery shall be made on a staggered basis : (_indicate here quantity and mode of delivery (e.g. weekly, every two weeks, etc. depending on the storage capacity of the school)  
2. Deliverables shall be delivered to the   Sucat Elementary School Annex Zone4(SESA4), Sitio Pagkakaisa,Sucat  Muntinlupa City hereto defined as Project Site, costs to the account of supplier. Risk and title shall pass from the supplier to the purchaser upon receipt and final acceptance of the Goods at Project Site.
3. Upon delivery of the Goods to the Project Site, the supplier shall notify the Purchaser and present the following documents to the Purchaser:

i. Original and 4 copies of the Supplier’s Invoice showing the Goods description, quantity, unit price, and total price.
ii. Original and 4 copies of Delivery Receipts
iii. Original Statement of Accounts
iv. Approved Purchaser Order
v. Warranty Certificate, if applicable.

4. For the purpose of these conditions, Purchaser’s representative at the Project Site is Sucat Elementary School Annex Zone 4(SESA4), Sitio Pagkakaisa, Sucat, Muntinlupa City.

D. Evaluation of Quotations

Quotations shall be compared and evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Completeness of Submission
2. Compliance with Technical Specifications
3. Price

E. Instructions

1. Supplier shall be responsible for the source(s) of its Goods/equipment, and shall make the deliveries in accordance with the schedule, and specifications of the award or purchase order. Failure of the supplier to comply with this provision shall be ground for cancellation of the award or purchase order issued to the supplier.

2. Supplier shall pick-up the purchase order issued in its favor within three (3) calendar days from date of receipt of notice to that effect. A telephone call or fax transmission shall constitute an official notice to the Supplier. Thereafter, if the purchase order remains unclaimed, the purchase order shall be cancelled. To avoid delay in the delivery of the requesting agency’s requirements, all defaulting suppliers shall be precluded from proposing or submitting substitute quotation(s) or item(s).

3. Supplier who accepted a purchase order but failed to deliver the required Goods within the time called for in the purchase order shall be disqualified from participating in DepED or any of DepED units’ future procurement activities. This is without prejudice to the imposition of other sanctions prescribed under R.A. 9184 and its IRR-A against the supplier.

4. Rejected deliveries shall be construed as non-delivery, and shall be replaced by the supplier subject to liquidated damages for delayed deliveries.

5. All duties, excise, and other taxes, and revenue charges shall be paid by the supplier.

6. As a pre-condition to payment, Importation Documents specifically showing the conditions and serial numbers of the imported equipment purchased shall be submitted by the supplier to the Department of Education.

7. All transactions are subject to withholding of credible Value Added Tax and/or Expanded Value Added Tax per revenue regulation(s) of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

F. Packing

The supplier shall provide such packing of the Goods appropriate to prevent their damage or deterioration during transit to the Project Site. Goods shall be packed in appropriate containers with label identifying the content and quantity per package with the name of the Purchaser and marked “Not for Sale – Government Property”

Inner packaging of grocery items must have Food-Grade Plastic Lining, label to include the following :  1) Batch/Lot number, 2) Manufacturing date, 3) Expiry date, 4) Name of Manufacturer, 5) Address (where manufactured), 6) License to operate number, if applicable.

G. Inspection

1. All deliveries by suppliers shall be subject to inspection, and acceptance by the DepED Inspection Team and the end-user. All costs of the necessary laboratory tests undertaken by DepED on the Goods shall be to the account of suppliers.

5. For the purpose of this condition, Purchaser’s representative at Project Site is Sucat Elementary School Annex Zone 4(SESA4), Sitio Pagkakaisa Sucat Muntinlupa City
H. Liquidated Damages

A penalty of one-tenth of one percent (0.001) of the total value of the undelivered Goods shall be charged as liquidated damages for every day of delay of the delivery of the purchased Goods.

I. Warranty

Warranty shall be for a period of six (6) months for supplies and materials, and one year in case of equipment reckoned from date of acceptance of the Goods at Project Site.

J. Payment

One hundred percent (100%) of the Contract Price shall be paid to the supplier after acceptance of the Goods at Project Site and submission of the documents provided under C. Delivery.

After having carefully read and accepted your Request for Quotation and its Terms and Conditions, I/We quote you on the item/s at price noted in the RFQ. The quotation shall be binding upon us for thirty (30) calendar days reckoned from last day of submission indicated in the Submission Requirements. The corresponding Award on Purchase Order shall be accepted by us at any time before expiration of this period.

RFQ Annex “A”




Item KG

1 Ampalaya 2.01
2 Baguio Beans 6.9
3 Banana heart 10
4 Bell pepper (red) 0.44
5 Cabbage 7.4
6 Carrots 12.27
7 Corn,fresh 7
8 Eggplant 1.7
9 Gabi 2.33
10 Garlic 10.7
11 Kinchay 0.98
12 Lumpia Wrapper 16.5
13 Okra 1
14 Onion 18.07
15 Sili haba 0.18
16 Sitaw 2.90
17 Spring onion 0.45
18 Squash 48.74
19 Sweet corn, young 7.50
20 Sweet potato/kamote 18.46
21 Tokwa 4.80
22 Tomato 17.16


Item KG

1 All Purpose Flour 17.87
2 Baking powder 0.175
3 Bread crumbs 10.65
4 Butter 0.75
5 Cornstarch 2
6 Green peas 2.5
7 Margarine 0.975
8 Sugar, brown 17.229
9 Sugar, white 4.77
10 Tomato sauce 1.565


Item KG

1 Bagoong dilis 0.75
2 Bagoong hipon 0.35
3 Beef, ground 11.39
4 Chicken 13.55
5 Chicken wings 10.6
6 Dilis 0.7
7 Galunggong 19.19
8 Pork 12.054
9 Pork liempo 14.15
10 Pork ground 13.74
11 Quail eggs 0.25
12 Shrimp 29.7

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