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quiry on the determination of overpricing

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quiry on the determination of overpricing

Post by donna almazan on Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:40 am


pwede po ako makaquiry regarding the determination of overpricing? Section 31 po of the IRR states that the ABC is the upper limit or ceiling for acceptable prices. In a particular bid in our Municipality, POL products,we have two eligible bidders. However, one bidder had deliberately lowered his quotation in diesel/gasoline. but had a very high quotations for oil 30 (hydraulic oil). The existing price of hydraulic oil is only p3,000.00. The said bidder bids P5,500.00 for 1 pail of hydraulic oil. Can this be considered overpricing? His overall bid though does not exceed the ABC but the BAC is concerned with the overpriced quotation for said item. Hope you can share some insights regarding this issue. thank you so much.

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