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Net Financial Contracting Capacity and CLC

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Net Financial Contracting Capacity and CLC

Post by dagmars on Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:15 pm

Sir :
     Ask ko lang po, as per GPPB 20 -13  which requires NFCC as the acceptable form of eligibility requirement. Can the BAC still require to submit both the NFCC and CLC ? Kindly enlighten us about this matter. Any provision from the IRR, PBD or The Generic Manual for Procurement to support this requirements ? Can the statement stated under Manual of Procedures for the Procurement of Infrastructure Projects Vol 3 pp. 15 be cited " The Procuring Entity may require additional document requirements or specifications, where applicable and necessary for prospective bidders to prepare their respective bids ". Or under The Procurement of Infrastructure Projects Section III - B Bid Data Sheet Fourth Edition 2010 ? Many thanks.
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