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PhilGEPS Poor Performance

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PhilGEPS Poor Performance

Post by pluma on Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:18 am

Good day! We always encounter errors on PhilGEPS page such as "Database Server is busy...", "XML Parsing error..." etc, sometimes it doesn't return the invoked data. we contacted the PhilGEPS about it, they issued certification, however due to this errors there are projects that might be delayed and if delayed the budget allocated for it might be forfeited (e.g. BUB's and other projects that must be complied accordingly with the given time frame like trust funds).

My question is, due to this technical errors can the BAC issued a resolution/certification that certain projects should be bid out without the compliance of posting to PhilGEPS but posted on conspicuous place only?

Other thing is we are a small municipality and there are only two eligible bidders (for construction materials & supplies) around our place, they are active bidder and so far for the past years no one ever attempt to join or express willingness to join the bidding except those two.

Will it be enough to just inform them (in written form) about the bidding schedules of activities etc (in the event that we cannot post it to PhilGEPS) and proceed to the bidding without Posting ITB to PhiGEPS?

We wanted to comply to PhilGEPS posting but if we wait for the site's good performance it might affect the schedules of projects and will cause to the delay of delivering public service.
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