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Alternative method of procurement for coconut seednuts in Region V.

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Alternative method of procurement for coconut seednuts in Region V.

Post by mealigan on Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:32 pm

Available suppliers are ordinary coconut farmers who are not members of any coop. Existing coop has no experience selling coconut seednuts to PCA. Usual practice was to buy from these farmers. They are having problems on how to procure using shopping. May we know if this is covered by Customized GPM for Dept of Agriculture. Any suggestion is welcome

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Re: Alternative method of procurement for coconut seednuts in Region V.

Post by RDV @ GP3i on Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:36 am

The following are my personal comments, in the number of problems/issues you raised, not necessarily in the order you raised them:

First, the general rule is always Competitive Public Bidding (Sec. 10) and that alternative methods, including Shopping, shall only be resorted to in extraordinary circumstances, justified by the conditions provided under Article XVI (Alternative Methods), recommended by the BAC, and approved by the HOPE;

Second, Cooperatives are not the only ones who could participate in the bidding process. Individuals, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations, are eligible, as well, to participate. Participation should not be limited also to those within the locality only, as you raised another issue which is the lack of experience of an existing coop;

Third, As far as that existing coop is concerned, with its lack of experience selling coconut seednuts to PCA, experience as a technical requirement for eligibility (Sec. 23.6 of IRR-A) is not limited to projects with the procuring entity only but also to other private contracts and government contracts of that particular coop. In other words, it only needs to show its ongoing and completed private contracts and government contracts. The period of experience prior to the issuance of the IAEB is also dependent on the relevant period required by the procuring entity;

Fourth, Procurement using the alternative method of Shopping (Sec. 52) will really pose problems, such as the limitation as to amount (P50,000 for unforeseen contingency and P250,000 for ordinary and regular office supplies). On the first, aside from the fact that procurement is limited up to P50,000 only, it is conditioned on the happening of an unforeseen contingency which requires immediate purchase. If the purchase of coconut seednuts is a regular project of PCA, the BAC may not be able to justify its recommendation of resorting to Shopping (Sec. 52.a). As far as the limitation of P250,000 is concerned, the procuring entity should be guided by GPPB Resolution 012-2006 dated 14 June 2006, which provides the technical definition of “ordinary or regular office supplies,” in order that procurement under Sec. 52.b of IRR-A, among other conditions, may be justified; and

Fifth, you have to get hold of a copy of the Customized Procurement Manual of the Department of Agriculture, as approved by the GPPB, in order to find out if that Manual covers the particular procurement of PCA. However, even if there is a customized manual issued to DA, it does not depart from the spirit of the Law and its IRR-A, and any conflict between the Manual and the Law and its IRR-A will be resolved in favor of the latter.
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Re: Alternative method of procurement for coconut seednuts in Region V.

Post by R on Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:29 pm

Encourage suppliers to join a cooperative or establish new ones. RA 9184 is one with the "Cooperative Code of the Philippines" in promoting the spirit of cooperativism in the country. Once established, they may now be capable to compete in any public bidding arena. And once they have proven their legal, technical and financial capability, they may be considered as "bonafide" suppliers by any government agency in the resort to any applicable alternative mode of procurement such as those mentioned by sir "RDV".

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Re: Alternative method of procurement for coconut seednuts in Region V.

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