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Post by elbarako on Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:56 am

Hi, we are a local company based in the Philippines, but majority foreign owned by resident foreigners.

We would like to join / bid for local government projects.

Software Products:

The products we carry are locally developed, LOCALLY trademarked and researched by our company and very niche.


1. We would like to know how we can be eligible for bids.
2. Currently we partner with pre-qualified entities, but that really only adds up to the cost of delivering projects sometimes up by 30% to 60%. At the detriment of the Philippine Government.
3. Is there any way for us to avoid doing that?, I saw some clauses saying exemptions are for products that cannot be locally sourced, does this mean portions or as a whole? Our software have features that would be the equivalent of many locally expensive products.

Hope you can provide some guidelines on how to do this more efficiently and legally compliant.

Thank you.


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