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We need your comments.  

Our TOR for lease of office space requires only an office space of at least 400s.m. One of the bidders specifically offered a groundfloor area of 400s.m. on its existing 3yr old building. It submitted an occupancy permit instead of bldg permit as part of its technical proposal. Said bidder was declared as LCB. During postqual, we found out that its groundfloor area is only 240s.m. Further verification showed that the bidder would have to construct a mezzanine with an area of 160s.q. to comply with the required 400 s.m.


1.Can the bidder be post disqualified on the ground that its actual floor area of 240s.m. is not responsive to its offer of a ground floor area of 400s.m.?

2. If the bidder will introduce renovations on its existing bldg., is it a required to submit a building permit for renovation aside from occupancy permit as part of its technical proposal? If yes, should it be submitted prior to opening of bids or during post qual?

Thank you.

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