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Post-qualification Requirements

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Post-qualification Requirements

Post by rtdd on Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:47 am

This refers to the documentary requirements for post-qualification for submission within three (3) calendar days from receipt by the bidder of the notice that the bidder has the Lowest Calculated Bid.

I would just like to clarify the following issues:

1) Can the BAC extend the submission of documents for post-qualification or is it non-extendable?
2) Will the TWG proceed with the post-qualification even if there are lacking documents submitted by the LCB?
3) Would there be a violation if the BAC issued the Notice to Bidder to the second lowest calculated bidder before issuing the notification to the lowest calculated bidder that it was post-disqualified. The notice to bidder was first signed by the BAC Chairman before the letter of notification was signed and issued to the post-disqualified bidder. Although the Motion for Reconsideration of the post-disqualified bidder has been resolved by the BAC before the TWG proceeded in the conduct of post-qualification to the second lowest calculated bidder.

Hoping for your immediate reply. Thank you.

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Re: Post-qualification Requirements

Post by regina avelino on Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:38 am

1. Extension of mandatory periods, such as the three calendar day period under Section 34.2 is prohibited. Should the PE decides to extend it, he must show and provide compelling, sufficient, valid, reasonable, and justifiable cause for such extension.

2. Whay proceed with the post qualification even if the LCB submitted incomplete documents on time. this can be already a ground for disqualification.

3. Yes there is a violation. The BAC violated Section 34.5 and 34.6 which states that:

34.5. If, however, the BAC determines that the bidder with the Lowest Calculated Bid/Highest Rated Bid fails the criteria for post-qualification, it shall immediately notify the said bidder in writing of its post-disqualification and the grounds for it.(a)
34.6. Immediately after the BAC has notified the first bidder of its post-disqualification, and notwithstanding any pending request for reconsideration thereof, the BAC shall initiate and complete the same post-qualification process on the bidder with the second Lowest Calculated Bid/Highest Rated Bid. If the second bidder passes the post-qualification, and provided that the request for reconsideration of the first bidder has been denied, the second bidder shall be post-qualified as the bidder with the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid/Highest Rated Responsive Bid.(a)

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