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Responsive Bid vs Lowest & Advantageous Bid

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Responsive Bid vs Lowest & Advantageous Bid

Post by shark on Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:29 am

Good day!

I need help on the following scenario:

A. requested item
1) 16 Ply Rating Tire -  54,500.00

Bidder 1:
1) 20 Ply Rating Tire - 49,480.00

Bidder 2:
1) 20 Ply Rating Tire - 54,000.00

**where can we possibly award the item?

B. requested item
1) 3.75L Paint Thinner -  350.00

Bidder 1 (lone bidder):
1) 4L Paint Thinner - 320.00

**can we award the item to the lone bidder considering he offered 4L which is more advantageous?
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Re: Responsive Bid vs Lowest & Advantageous Bid

Post by regina avelino on Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:25 pm

As a general rule, we only accept bids with are legally, financially and technically compliant with the requirement. If you think that the items being offered are compliant with the relevant characteristics and/or performance requirement, specifications and parameters even if it would mean higher/greater specs than what we require, coupled with its legal and financial compliance, then you can award it.

For as long as it complies with the performance requirement, specification and parameters you can award:

1. to bidder 20 ply at P49,480;
2. to lone bidder at 4L at P320

regina avelino
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