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PDAF and rising price of Rice

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PDAF and rising price of Rice

Post by regina avelino on Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:30 am

hello to all, this may not be applicable for any government procurement issue but an issue affecting all Filipinos.

I heard a news from the radio that price per kilo of rice, staple food for the Filipinos, will increase by four to five pesos.

70% to 80% Filipinos is under the poorest of the poor.

Issues on PDAF have been overwhelming us Filipinos.

Instead of total abolition of PDAF, why not the government allocate portion of the entire PDAF of the Philippines to subsidize the price of rice to bring down the cost of rice to around 25 to 30 pesos per kilo?

My opinion on the matter.

regina avelino
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