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Project Procurement Management Plan

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Project Procurement Management Plan

Post by Abecedarian on Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:20 pm

How is this done?

Item 7.3.2 of the IRR provides that "The end-user units of the procuring entity shall prepare their respective Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) for their different programs, activities, and projects (PAPs). The PPMP shall include:

a) information on whether PAPs will be contracted out, implemented by administration in accordance with the guidelines issued by the GPPB, or consigned;
b) the type and objective of contract to be employed;
b) the extent/size of contract scopes/packages;
d) the procurement methods to adopted, and indicating if the procurement tasks are to be outsourced as provided in Section 53.6 of this IRR;
e) the time schedule for each procurement activity and for the contract implementation; and
f) the estimated budget for the general components of the contract.

How could I accomplish the information required by the IRR when in the form I downloaded, it only asks of the CODE; GENERAL DESCRIPTION; QUANTITY; ESTIMATED BUDGET;SCHEDULE/MILESTONE OF ACTIVITIES(Jan-Dec).

Thank you very much.

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