Compute for your Procurement Timelines using GPPB Beta App

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Compute for your Procurement Timelines using GPPB Beta App

Post by engrjhez® on Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:00 pm

Here is a link to compute for the earliest and latest allowable periods of procurement for Goods, Infrastructure Projects and Consulting Services*.

However, I do not agree with some results:

  1. The advertisement period for Goods and Infra is only 7 days. Consistent with the principle of competitiveness (Sec.3.b of the IRR), availability of Bidding Documents (under Sec.17.3 of the IRR) and the posting requirement of the PhilGEPS ( , I respectfully submit that is must be from Day 1 until the deadline for submission and receipt of bids.

  2. If pre-bid conference is not mandatory, like in the cases ABC=P1M and below, the procurement timeline is EARLIER than the earliest possible period allowed under Annex "C" of the IRR. It appears like that the schedule of Public Bidding is reduced to the timelines of Alternative Methods of Procurement.

  3. The app does not distinguish non-working days. It is understandable however that it is still in its beta stage.

I hope the GPPB-TSO can clarify these matters to avoid confusion. Smile

*still under construction as of 22 Dec 2012
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