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NSO Price Indices - How applied?

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NSO Price Indices - How applied?

Post by on Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:14 pm

One eligibility requirement in infra bidding is the completion of one single biggest project which cost is equivalent to at least 50% of the ABC. Intending to participate in a bidding where the 50% level is a bit higher than the biggest contract that my firm completed, my firm might still hurdle it by adjusting the contract amount to current prices using the NSO Price Indices. However, my knowledge about Price Indices and how to use it in order to adjust some cost five (5) years ago to the present is NIL. Can I get some help please?

Following are the NSO data which might be helpful for an actual demo: CPI (Philippines) 2006 (Base Year), 100; CPI September 2012, 131.4; CPI August 2012, 131.5; CPI Sept 2011, 126.8; Inflation Rates (Year on Year, Phil.) - Sept 2012, 3.6%; Aug 2012, 131.5 and Sept 2011, 4.7%.

My firm completed a project that cost P4,770,051.72 in 2008. Please tell me what is its current value using the above data..
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