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Re: Guidelines for Dealing with Fraud and Corruption

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Re: Guidelines for Dealing with Fraud and Corruption

Post by sunriser431 on Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:54 am

For info for the BAC,TWG and BAC Secretarait and all concern. Click this link

Section VII. Technical Specifications
Notes for Preparing the Technical Specifications
Sample Clause: Equivalency of Standards and Codes
Wherever reference is made in the Technical Specifications to specific standards and codes to be met by the goods and materials to be furnished or tested, the provisions of the latest edition or revision of the relevant standards and codes shall apply, unless otherwise expressly stated in the Contract. Where such standards and codes are national or relate to a particular country or region, other authoritative standards that ensure substantial equivalence to the standards and codes specified will be acceptable.

Reference to brand name and catalogue number should be avoided as far as possible; where unavoidable they should always be followed by the words “or at least equivalent.” References to brand names cannot be used when the Funding Source is the GOP.

Where appropriate, drawings, including site plans as required, may be furnished by the PROCURING ENTITY with the Bidding Documents. Similarly, the Supplier may be requested to provide drawings or samples either with its Bid or for prior review by the PROCURING ENTITY during contract execution.

Bidders are also required, as part of the technical specifications, to complete their statement of compliance demonstrating how the items comply with the specification.

Types of Fraud and Corruption in Contracts
The following types of fraud and corruption have been reported in contracting for goods and services:
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@ Tailored specifications - Specifications and time limits are manipulated to favor a certain contractor or supplier.
I think this the most widely used/abused by procuring government agency. To make detailed specifications easier, and favorable to a particular supplier. Twisted Evil
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