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The Mizuno MP-59 Irons Creates A New History

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The Mizuno MP-59 Irons Creates A New History

Post by alvaluo on Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:00 pm

Few days ago, I show you the Mizuno hot superstar MP-69 Irons. As we know, Mizuno released their MP-69 and his brother MP-59 Irons at the same time. In the Mizuno MP-59 Irons engineer created a more familiar, softer Mizuno feel by the way we've shaped and bonded the Titanium insert to the steel casing. It's a solid looking iron now with a less 'clicky' feel and beautiful looks. How we know Mizuno MP-59 Irons in details on today?
The MP-59 Irons are built with the traditional steel shafts but they have forged 12 grams of titanium behind the face of their clubs giving more response to a players swing. Titanium gives these clubs a lightweight feel while providing excellent strength which creates a perfect balance thus increasing performance. The weight distribution has been tested again and again in order to come up with the perfect face positioning.
Part of the visual appeal of the Mizuno MP-59 is the fact they look like a muscle back iron. You can tell Mizuno spent adequate time designing the MP-59s because they seamlessly blended the forgiveness of a cavity back with the look of a blade. The compact, traditional head shape allows you to feel confident standing over your golf ball knowing you look like a golfer who has game. And in golf, looking good and feeling good is half the battle!
Callaway engineers strengthened loft in the long and mid-irons , increased shaft length by 0.25 inches per club , and redesigned the head to account for new weight distribution. The Callaway X-24 HOT Irons also boasts evolutionary updates to tried-and-true design elements, such as "variable face thickness" technology and "precision notch weighting" in the rear. VFT produces 2.2 mph faster ball speed than the X-22 irons do, for longer, more consistent length on mis-hits. The large cavity notch spreads weight to the heel and toe, for ample head stability and improved accuracy.
Callaway X-24 HOT Iron Set 4-AW with Steel Shafts The Callaway X-24 HOT Iron Set 4-AW with Steel Shafts is new for 2012 from the makers of the No.1 irons in golf for the last 13 years. The Callaway X-24 Set is the longest, most accurate X Series iron ever. The main piece of technology at work is Callaway s VFT, or Variable Face Thickness technology which uses precision milling to achieve a hot clubface that s thinner in the middle than at the edges. What you get is a springy, robust clubface with an enlarged sweet spot that delivers faster ball speeds more consistently across the face, so you ll experience improved distance, even on off-center hits.

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