posting of award for negotiated procurement

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posting of award for negotiated procurement

Post by lena2011 on Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:31 pm

Help please.

The agency have posted ITB for bidding for a one million equipment. And recently, after two failed biddings, the committee have recommended to enter into negotiated procurement/contract, authorizing the LCE through the general services officer to invite suppliers/bidders to quote for the project/said equipment. After two months, documents were processed for payment to the equipment. However, as one of the supporting documents, the posting for notice of award for the lowest bidder (to the quoted price) was required to be attached.

The bac secretariat is relatively new in the posting of such notices for negotiated procurement, in such this instance, he has failed to post notice for this. Here are my questions:
1. Is it too late to post for the particular transaction/ procurement project? If posted now, will it have to wait for 7 days of posting before it can proceed? Will it not be in conflict with the documents which will clearly show that negotiated process has been done months ago?
2. Will the BAC, specifically the secretariat subjected to sanctions for its failure to post for such procurement transaction at Philgeps?
3. Will the said posting requirement basis enough to cancel the transaction, even all other papers and requirements have been complied with?
4. Can the agency not transact with a company who is not registered in Philgeps, even for negotiated procurement and even if it presents the lowest price and more advantageous on the side of the government? As it is, the agency have difficulty in posting notices which are not philgeps registered since they are not appearing in the dropdown list requested.

I hope we could be enlightened regarding this.


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Re: posting of award for negotiated procurement

Post by regina avelino on Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:38 pm

my take on the matter:

1. might as well post it though late, what is important that you have posted it. It's a learning experience for all of us. I'm sure next time this will not happen again.
2. i think it was an honest mistake especially those new in this practice. for as long as you can justify what has transpired for the late posting re: inadvertence, etc.
3. not at all.
4. the law requires that we transaction only with philgeps registered companies.

regina avelino
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