Hinulugan Taktak National Park, goods 1.1

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Hinulugan Taktak National Park, goods 1.1

Post by PENRO RIZAL on Wed May 30, 2012 2:09 pm

2pcs Stamp pad small
6btls Stamp pad ink, black 60ml
2rolls Watering hose
6pcs Hose nozzle
2units Casio scientific calculator
2bx Ballpen, black
2bx Ballpen, blue
2bx Ballpen, red
2units Rechargeable flashlight
6btls Tear gas
6pcs Night stick
6pcs Whistle
6pcs Handcuff (US made)
6btls Betadine 120mlm
4rolls Cotton 300g
6px Cotton balls 300
12rolls Leukoplast Tape 2.5cmx1
1bx Band aid
1pc Stainless scissor

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