BAC Secretariat and Accounting Office

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BAC Secretariat and Accounting Office

Post by engrjhez® on Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:15 am

I would like to continue answering and expounding this as a new topic. In the previous discussion, a question was raised:
RDV wrote:Can you site a specific example where check and balance is compromised if an Accountant/staff of accounting department is designated as Head/member of the BAC Secretariat?
  • Consider a case where a BAC Secretariat member assigned for the custody of (procurement) bidding documents is also from the Accounting Office. Since this person expects the same documents to pass their office later after the award, this person may or may not be strict in the issuance of pertinent certifications such as but not limited to, Notice of Eligibility, Notice of Post Qualification, and Notice of Award. This person may even cause undue influence/modifications to the contract without the knowledge or consent of the BAC (if left unnoticed). The Contract Agreement, once manipulated, may not be explicit of the unusual agenda (like terms of payment which may be disadvantageous to the government). Of course, members of the BAC, Secretariat and TWG are refrained from making verbal communications with the bidders. But as human beings, they still have their own choice.

  • A worse example may be further extended in cases from which no resolution of award is yet issued (perhaps, may be a candidate for failure under Sec.41) but still be allowed to be processed in the Accounting Office.

  • The worst thing that may happen is when a failed bidding get to sign a contract without the knowledge of BAC and the HOPE (perhaps, a document switching or a "magic resolution" in action) as allowed by the culprit(s).

Since both the Secretariat and Accounting are partly custodians of bidding documents (just like the COA), I believe that they must be independent and not mixed. The above examples may be isolated "crime" cases, but for purposes of discussion and the tempting possibility of committing them, "better a kilo of prevention than a tonne of cure..."
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