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A Cosmetic Dentist in New York talks about the Evolution of Dentistry

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A Cosmetic Dentist in New York talks about the Evolution of Dentistry

Post by dentalday52 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:21 pm

A Cosmetic Dentist in New York talks about the Evolution of Dentistry

Today it is easy to get beautiful and healthy teeth in New York with a couple of sittings at the cosmetic dentist's clinic. A cosmetic dentist New York clinic offers a variety of root canal endodontic dental treatments that can spruce up the smile of an individual. However, what we know today as cosmetic dentistry has its roots in the medieval dental practices. The practice of dentistry that has evolved today focuses on treatments as well as prevention. In the section below a specialist from New York, dental clinic takes us through the various stages in the evolution of cosmetic dentistry.

Dentistry in the medieval period

One might wince at the fact that in the medieval periods most dental dental scalers treatments were done at a barber's shop as a side business. These primitive dental practices involved basic tools and alcohol for pain management. Moreover, barbers were preferred as they had the necessary instrument in order to carry out the various dental procedures. It was a general belief in the olden days that any health complication is related to the oral health of an individual. Many health complications ultrasonic cleaner were treated by the extraction of tooth/teeth of the person.

Dentistry in the 17th century

The onset of 17th century witnessed an extensive advancement in the field of cosmetic dentistry. These dental keys were used to loosen the root of the teeth that aided the extraction of the teeth. The 17th century also saw the rise of the father of cosmetic dentistry Pierre Faucard, who was a French doctor. He discovered the causes of dental decays along with dental curing light artificial teeth as well as dental fillings.

Dentistry in the 21st century

With many futuristic developments, Dentistry has come in to the forefront in the twenty first century with various advanced procedures. A cosmetic dentist New York surgeon uses sophisticated equipment such as digital radiography, lasers and 3-D imaging for various procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is the name on everyone's lips for its dental instruments prompt, painless and effective procedures. Most cosmetic dentistry procedures offer results in a few treatments. Procedures such as tooth whitening are done in a matter of minutes where as those of tooth straightening using invisalign aligners require a few months. Cosmetic dentistry helps to provide aesthetic results along with preventive and curative care.

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