Dental implant surgery to choose the top four

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Dental implant surgery to choose the top four

Post by dentalday52 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:06 pm

Dental implant surgery to choose the top four

Dental implant technology is currently recognized as the best dental restorations, and dental implant technologies, different materials, determine the effect of root canal endodontic surgery is not the same, then the choice of implant before we should pay attention to what areas?

Material selection: Choose a good material

As the implant to the jaw, and oral soft tissue in the exercise of the function of a complex environment, for implant osseointegration, implant biocompatibility, biomechanics, etc. are particularly important. Select the appropriate scientific and dental scalers technological content of a good implant system that can ensure the effectiveness and life of the late planting, the implant is more stable, durable and comfortable.

Selection of equipment: a number of technical cooperation to ensure the effect of planting

In addition to operating the doctor's technical and operational experience, advanced implant systems, hospital equipment, supporting ultrasonic cleaner technology also should be noted that patients receiving treatment before the problem, "a hospital cannot carry out any dental implant restoration," and requires a set of line international standards with planting equipment and technology.

Selected indications: Not everyone is fit implant

Today, there are already countless patients choose tooth loss dental implant surgery to restore a U.S. dental. But dental implants specialist Hospital Dental Center is to remind you that implants have many advantages, but not which is the clinical manifestations of dental fluorosis everyone can implant restoration, is to go through a dental curing light detailed inspection and evaluation to determine, such as people with severe cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes, blood diseases and other systemic diseases, try not to consider planting; if patients have significant inflammation or significant osteoporosis and other diseases, also suitable for local cultivation of surgery, of course, which requires dental instruments After expert diagnosis, appropriate treatment where appropriate.

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