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Posting to PhilGeps

Post by mika07 on Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:52 am

Good day!

Sir I would like to verify if it is true that since Nov. 21, 2011 PhilGeps is undergoing system maintenance and up to this date maintenance work is not completed yet. The head of ur BAC Secretariat issued an advisory and I quote:

Good day!
Last November 21, 2011, we informed the BIds and Awards Committee, all suppliers/bidders and all concerned that the electronic bulletin board of the Philippine Electronic Procurement System (PhilGeps) was undergoing maintenance of their system to the effect that the BAC had not posted all procurement opportunities of the Provincial Government of Antique.
Please be informed further that as of this date, the PhilGeps has not yet completed their maintenance work, hence all incoming requests for the year 2012 was not posted. Posting in the Philgeps of all procuremnet opportunities, notoces of awards and other information will resume after completion of the system maintenance and upon issuance of a directive from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Central Office.
For guidance and information of all concerned.
very truly yours,
Head, BAC Secretariat "

I dont believe system maintenance would take this long. What will happen to those that were not posted in the PhilGeps but were still deliberated by BAC for procurement and awarded?

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