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SOS to the Administrator of GPPB or To Whom It May Concern

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SOS to the Administrator of GPPB or To Whom It May Concern

Post by Jack909 on Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:20 am

To whom it may concern:

Below are some issues that I need your help, answers and guidance under RA9184.

1. Notice of Award  was issued after the lapse of a one year period from the date of bidding.  The Notice to proceed was issued a period of 8 months from the date of the notice of award and after one year of the bidding. Total delays of 1 year and 8 months almost 2 years.

Advance Payment that was requested by the contractor was not made in lump sum but rather made in four (4) installments and after the 8 months from the date of the request for such advance payment. And also the progress billing payments were delayed.

The late issuance of the Notice to proceed from the date of the biddings and Notices of award had actually prejudiced the contractor as the cost of materials had considerably rose from the date of the Notice of Award of the contract to the date of the notices to proceed. And also the delay in payment of Advance Payment and Progress Billing. How can I be compensated due to the above mentioned delay?

2. Cancellation of Notice of Award due to allege negative slippage in other project.

I won a project in a competitive bidding. I even signed a contract. All requirements in the notice of award were complied and verified. When I followed up the status of the Notice to proceed, I found out that the notice of award was cancelled because of the alleged negative slippage in my other project.

Is it right to cancel an award of contract due to the alleged negative slippage of the contractor on the on-going project? What will happen to the incurred expenses on stand by time of equipment and personnel pledged to the project.

Please give me advice, what should I do and what are my rights.

Looking forward for a prompt reply on this matter.

Thank you,


Proof of Service of Notice

I also have this question. Can the notices be sent thru fax? What is the valid process /proof of service of notices of termination or cancelations?

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