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Discount in Bid Price

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Discount in Bid Price

Post by Mikel on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:55 pm

I am partially reproducing hereunder the pro-forma bid form prescribed under the PBD 4th Ed. Infra. Under letter (b) thereof, the total price of bid is exclusive of the discount offered in item/ letter (d) of the same. However, a referral to item/ letter (d) of the bid form would disclose that it(letter d) pertains to the posting of performance security by the bidder, thus, it would seem that the said reference to item/letter (d) is misplaced (irrelevant?). May I respectfully seek clarification on this matter?

Further, if the bidder offers a discount, as provided in the succeeding sentence of letter (b) of the bid form, will the said discount be deducted from the total bid price quoted in the immediately preceding sentence for purposes of determining the bid price offered by the bidder?

Thank you very much.

“Bid Form


To: [name and address of PROCURING ENTITY]
Address: [insert address]

We, the undersigned, declare that:

(a) We have examined and have no reservation to the Bidding Documents, including Addenda, for the Contract [insert name of contract];

(b) We offer to execute the Works for this Contract in accordance with the Bid and Bid Data Sheet, General and Special Conditions of Contract accompanying this Bid;

The total price of our Bid, excluding any discounts offered in item (d) below is: [insert information];

The discounts offered and the methodology for their application are: [insert information];

(c) Our Bid shall be valid for a period of [insert number] days from the date fixed for the Bid submission deadline in accordance with the Bidding Documents, and it shall remain binding upon us and may be accepted at any time before the expiration of that period;

(d) If our Bid is accepted, we commit to obtain a Performance Security in the amount of [insert percentage amount] percent of the Contract Price for the due performance of the Contract;

x x x” (underline supplied)

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