Gathering information about R.A. 9178

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Gathering information about R.A. 9178

Post by killer 7 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:13 am

good day to you, im a newbie here and i don't know where to post this topic so I thought to post this in this section.

My topic is about RA 9178, it caught my attention because its provisions are promising and besides it was only approved on 2003, so it may be assumed that it is in its early stage. With this, I think it's interesting because computer shops may benefit from this big time since it exempts them from some parts of taxation. Now, my purpose in posting this topic is that I want to know if some of you have also interest in this Republic Act and if so, please comment here in order for me to gather more information and be knowledgeable with this RA. Feel free to correct me ladies and gentlemen..

to the mods, i would like to know where category should this topic belong.

Thank You in advance..

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