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Property tax

Post by Joe on Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:54 am

The month of January is busy in Municipals for customers who take the opportunity to pay and gain a good discount, but the people we see are only paying the land tax!

We have the required, residence certificate and pay approx 5 times the land tax amount on our house.

People we know do not pay the property tax although they live in a house with their families. Very few people pay this property tax and no one seems to care whether they do or not.

The property tax should be based on actual living area in Sq mts and have an area addition, ie Alabang would be more expensive for the costlier services in that area and you'd pay more for living there.

We do not see any inspectors inquiring at doors and demanding to see proof of paid taxation.

Will this trend continue. Much government revenue is lost because of unpaid taxes and the education authority would benefit from more money.
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