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Agency to Agency Procurement

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Agency to Agency Procurement

Post by LJ on Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:07 pm

Happy New Year to all! i would like to ask for help regarding these following matters.

1. is there a threshold amount for Negotiated Procurement under Agency to Agency? if yes, how much is it?
2. our office has postage services as one of our general support services. can we procure this type of services directly to the Philippine Postal Corporation? if so, is this Negotiated Procurement under Agency to Agency considering that Philpost is a govt agency and how do we go about it?

hope you can give me inputs on these queries. thanks a lot!
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Re: Agency to Agency Procurement

Post by engrjhez® on Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:04 am

Happy New Year too!.

1. There are no threshold amounts for A2A. However, if the amount of contract is at least P500 Million, the HOPE shall secure a prior approval from the GPPB*:
  1. that said Government proposed procurement undertaking falls within the exceptions from public bidding, and
  2. the proposed specific mode of procurement is appropriate.
*(Executive Order No. 645 dated 31 July 2007, amending Sec. 4 of E.O. 423 dated 18 September 2003)

2. You can always do that after a careful market study. Nowadays, there are a lot of courier services. Even if the Philippine Postal Office is a government agency/instrumentality, you cannot procure directly (unlike to the case of Procurement Service) as there is no law that requires procurement of postal services. In the end, the price most advantageous to the government shall be considered at all times. Smile
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