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BAC-dictated limited list of Authorized Representatives

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BAC-dictated limited list of Authorized Representatives

Post by orlan747 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:17 pm

Is the BAC allowed to limit the list of personnel that could be made as the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE of a bidder??

Please find herewith an excerpt of the Omnibus Sworn Statement that this particular BAC requires of the prospective bidders;

That the signatory is the duly authorized representative of the prospective bidder, and granted full power and authority to do, execute and perform any and all acts necessary and/or to represent the prospective bidder in the bidding, with the duly notarized Secretary's Certificate attesting to such fact, if the prospective bidder is a corporation, partnership or joint venture. Only Key officials [Directors, Major Stockholders, General Manager and Managing Partner for corporation, partnership or joint venture; Proprietor, General Manager for single proprietorship] can be made as authorized representative and must present their company's identification cards. Prospective bidders and their authorized representative must submit photocopies of Identification Card issued by government agencies such as but not limited to SSS, GSIS, BIR & LTO, showing picture and signature of both the attorney-in-fact and affiant
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